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Billing and account information for your DEMAND360 Lite subscription
Billing and account information for your DEMAND360 Lite subscription

How to renew, switch, cancel and reactivate your subscription

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When will I get charged?

For monthly subscriptions you are charged the monthly amount on the day you first activate your subscription. For annual subscriptions you are charged the annual amount on the first day of your annual subscription, which ensures that your annual subscription discount is secured.

How do I renew my subscription?

Both monthly and annual subscriptions are automatically renewed on your monthly or annual subscription anniversary date.

Can I switch from a monthly to an annual subscription?

Yes, you can switch from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription at any time to lock in your annual discount. You will get charged immediately and any unused days from your monthly term will be added to your annual subscription term.

Can I switch from an annual to a monthly subscription?

If you are currently on an annual subscription, this term must first come to an end before you can switch to a monthly subscription term. Also, once you switch you will lose the benefit of our annual subscription discount.

What happens when I decide to cancel my subscription?

Your subscription can be cancelled anytime, however, your DEMAND360 Lite account will remain active until the current subscription term runs out. No refunds are provided.

What if I decide to re-activate my subscription?

Re-subscription is easy because your account details are retained. Your credit card information is never retained by Parrot Analytics.

I need more support. How can I contact someone at Parrot Analytics?

You can message someone on our support team by clicking the yellow chat button on the bottom right of the screen within DEMAND360 Lite or you can email and we will reply as quickly as possible. 

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