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How to use global demand data
How do I maximize my sales revenue internationally?
How do I maximize my sales revenue internationally?
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Demand data is absolutely crucial when transacting content cross border. We measure demand for titles in all markets, regardless of whether the title has been released there, so by comparing demand for the title across markets, the countries with the most demand can be identified.

Our Demand Expressions per capita metric provides insights into which country has the most demand for a given title. This enables content sellers to make empirical, data-driven decisions on where to focus their monetization efforts, based on a country's total audience size, and a country's overall genre preferences.

Demand metrics are available regardless of where the content originated, using these measures can allow comparisons to be made across markets and platforms, which can strengthen negotiations.

By comparing demand for various titles, we are able to demonstrate that demand is ever-changing which is crucial to understand in order to make the most out of upcoming deals.

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