Demand Expressions (DEx) represent the total audience demand being expressed for a title, within a country, on any platform. The audience demand is a weighted, country-specific measure of demand.

Here is a graphic that provides an example using specific demand data, which demonstrates how Parrot Analytics' television measurement system functions on a global basis:


All demand expressions, such as social media comments or P2P file downloads, are captured with no panels or extrapolation involved. And they are country-specific as they incorporate the country's population and enable comparison of titles within a single market. In addition, there is no ceiling to the number of Demand Expressions a title can generate.

Demand Expressions do not strictly correspond to a physical interpretation: They are not the same as the number of people or impressions interested in or related to the title. The reason for this is that each component of Demand Expressions is weighted depending on how strongly it indicates demand for the title.

For example, a like on the TV show's Facebook page is not as indicative of demand as a P2P file download, where the user is actually consuming the content. Therefore, a like is weighted much lower than a download in the Demand Rank algorithm. Another way to put this is that a stream or download is considered a much more important expression of demand than a social “like”.

You can also think of Demand Expressions as a currency, or an absolute points system, which ultimately allows Parrot Analytics' tv measurement system to rank all TV series titles in any given market by the absolute audience demand that is expressed in that country.

In summary, global television demand data captures what content people want in a particular country, and around the world.


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