Let us take the following specific example: "Why can't Parrot Analytics show us Demand for local title X, which we have seen registering 10x the number of views on our platform in our local market, compared to The Walking Dead?".

To answer this question, firstly it is important to understand that our ability to on-board a title on our Demand Measurement platform is not related to the title's popularity, or the amount of demand that exists for this title.

Instead, our ability to on-board a title is directly related to its status on our on-boarding queue and our ability for this title to be validated on our platform.

Our Content Discovery Engine is currently fine-tuned to prioritize English content, which means that it interrogates primarily English-language metadata providers and subsequently validates a title against data streams using that metadata. If specific local language metadata cannot be verified for your local shows, its downstream data sources cannot be validated, and thus its global demand cannot be verified.

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