We understand the importance of local market title tracking, and appreciate that it would also be useful to understand the global demand for locally-produced titles in support of international sales, at this present time we are prioritizing English-language content on the platform.

Our title on-boarding queue is very dense, however, we make every possible effort to help our subscription clients ensure they can measure the global demand of titles of importance to them. If you would like to request a specific title be tracked on our platform, reach out to our support team to request the Title Onboard Request form. 

If sufficient information is provided for a title, this title is placed towards the front of the title on-boarding queue. Please note that this process applies for all title requests across all languages (including 1950’s English documentaries, for example).

Please also note that with an endless number of TV shows, movie titles, and talent in all languages to be tracked, and clients in every corner of the world requesting local titles to be added on our platform, it may take some time for your custom request to be processed. However, as always, we will keep you fully in the loop with regular updates as part of your ongoing subscription.

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