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Uncovering opportunity markets using travelability
Uncovering opportunity markets using travelability

Monetize your content internationally by understanding the global travelability.

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Global Travelability indicates the relative demand of a show in markets other than its home market. It can reveal the global appeal of a title, thereby indicating its potential for international sales, acquisition or marketing.

In DEMAND360 Lite, you can view the travelability of a show in its home market compared to the following markets:

  • Brazil (BR)

  • Canada (CA)

  • Germany (DE)

  • Mexico (MX)

  • Spain (ES)

  • United Kingdom (GB)

  • USA (US)

Here's another example of a show with high global travelability. Anne with an E is a Canadian-produced TV show with a global fandom. In fact, using the travelability metric, we're able to see the show was 383% more popular with audiences in Brazil than with audiences in its home market of Canada! It was also more popular with American audiences. 

Originally produced by the CBC and streamed internationally on Netflix, it seems the show may have a second window opportunity on a platform in Brazil! 

Buyers- take note.

Watch this 30 second video to see how you can interact with the travelability of TV shows in DEMAND360 Lite.

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