Customizing your DEMAND360 Lite experience

Use bookmarks to group your go-to shows, platforms, markets and reports.

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It's easy to customize your account to track the most relevant information to you.

You can use bookmarks to group TV shows, movies, and talent as well as platforms, markets, exclusive reports or industry insights onto one easy-to-access page.

Hover over show images and click on the yellow badge to add it as a bookmark. 


Bookmark a platform by navigating to the Platforms page, then click "Explore Platform" to access a platform page.

Bookmark a market by navigating to the Markets page, then click "Explore Market" to access a market page. 

Exclusive Reports

Bookmark exclusive reports by visiting the Exclusive Reports page and clicking the upper right hand (+) at the top of the report.

Access your bookmarked items by clicking the badge in the upper right hand corner of the DEMAND360 Lite interface.

Having your bookmarked shows, platforms, markets and reports in one place will make you a master of DEMAND360 Lite in no time.

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