Parrot Analytics utilizes a stringent validation process such that unless a data stream has been verified to be 100% attributed to a title, the TV/Movie title or Talent will not be included. If we encounter an ambiguous data stream, we prefer to err on the side of caution and not include it. While our manual verification steps takes a significant amount of time, these ensure that our demand measurement is the most accurate in the world.

You can read more on how we onboard TV shows, Movies, and Talent in this help article: Our title on-boarding and validation process

If you search for a TV show and don't see it in DEMAND360, you can request a show directly to our catalog team by clicking "REQUEST SHOWS" button in the top right of the TV Shows page.

Request Shows

Fill out the form which requires the following information:

  • The TV show name

  • A link that references the TV show. This can be an IMDB page, Wikipedia link, social media fan page, or any other link that provides more information about the requested.

Optional details include:

  • Country of origin, or where the TV show or Movie was produced.

  • Year of origin

  • Network

Once you click "REQUEST SHOW" your request will go directly to our catalog team who will review the request, ensure it fits our criteria for inclusion, and onboard the title.

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