Parrot Analytics’ comprehensive audience attention measurement system captures the world’s largest audience behavior dataset. We extract the signals from the noise to deliver the first globally standardized measurement of TV, Movies, and Talent audience demand for all markets, in all languages and across all platforms and devices.

In addition to demand data, we have created an even more valuable layer of data, a contextual layer, that leverages the highly nuanced signals and demand layers to create a set of metrics specifically designed to assess every element of success for content in the attention economy.

These context metrics are leveraged to inform decisions along the entire content development and monetization lifecycle.

Global Travelability

The demand for a TV show, Movie title, or Talent relative to the demand from its home market. Global Travelability is reflected as a percentage of its demand in its original market indexed to the global travelability of the average title. This metric reveals where in the world a show is popular among international audiences.

Graphic shown is a heat map of the global demand for the show Dark:


The ratio of a title’s average demand to peak demand, multiplied by the time since its release, which indicates how well demand is maintained over time. Titles can then be categorized with labels such as ephemeral or timeless.


Engagement indicates how active and engaged fans are with a title. It is based on the average number of social media interactions with a title per person, indexed to the genre average social engagement.


The fandom metric helps you understand the strength of a show's fanbase. A higher fandom represents a title with a dedicated and possibly niche audience that expresses a lot of demand for their chosen title.

Target Market Adoption

Target Market Adoption indicates the adoption rate of a title out of the total addressable market (TAM). It is based on the global population share expressing demand for a title, indexed to the genre average adoption.


The momentum index tracks how much a title has grown in demand above its yearly average compared to the average title. It reveals and quantifies a title building audience demand over time.


The size of the overlapping audience between two pieces of content. The more audience in common, the higher the affinity between the two titles. See our affinity metric in action here.


Indicates how much potential for franchises and spin-offs a title has based on its longevity and adoption, indexed to the average title.

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