The metric of DEMAND360 Enterprise - Comparative Demand

In DEMAND360, Demand is presented as the difference between the Show(s) or Portfolio(s) you are interested in and the Demand for an average benchmarked Show.

This is generated by taking:

The Demand Expressions per capita for the Show(s) or Portfolio(s) of interest (your Content Universe) and then dividing them by the Benchmark. This achieves a number that represents the number of times better or worse they are than the average Show. Being a 'times different' number it is expressed as "##x" or as the Show or Portfolio being "##x times better (or worse) than the average Show"

Why Comparative Demand?

Comparative Demand represents an intuitive and extremely consumable form of Demand.

Demand is a complex concept and metric but its primary purpose is simple - objective comparison. A metric that allows any show, in any market, at any time to be compared side-by-side.

By using a 1x comparison, Comparative Demand is designed to detach as much burden for you as possible by removing the need to maintain parameters of Demand and Demand Expressions from you while you are also seeking insight from you analysis. There is no need to preserve an understand on what volume of Demand Expressions is considered good, amazing poor, and not only for your Shows but for all Shows. Not to mention that these numbers naturally ebb and flow with the audience, market, and time.

Comparative Demand presents a clear comparative metric that dynamically adapts to the quality and performance of all Shows within the time period being examined without any mental burden.

There are additional benefits also as this metric - being an extension of Demand Distribution inherits a distribution curve and allows heuristic indicators performance magnitude.

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