Vital to Comparative Demand is the "Benchmark" which is the Demand performance of a theoretical average show - "The 1x" value.

The Benchmark is calculated daily by taking:

The total Demand Expressions per capita for all Shows that are currently available in the Parrot Catalog then dividing by the total number of Shows.

The Benchmark is recalculated daily but is always applied based upon its state within the Time Period selected in your analysis - i.e. the daily Benchmarks used in an analysis are those Benchmarks calculated on the days within your time period. This is because the number of Shows in the Parrot Catalog grows daily and naturally the collective Demand changes daily as audiences Demand content differently each day - this change should be reflected in the Benchmark as a representative of the average Shows performance each day. In general the Benchmark changes infinitesimally due to the scale of Demand and size of the Parrot Catalog.

The Benchmark is always expressed as 1x as the theoretical average Show has 1x the Demand of itself. It also means that have Comparative Demand greater than 1.00 are better than average, while Shows that less then 1.00 are worse than average. A richer breakdown is also present via Demand Distribution.

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