Genes, sometimes called Metadata, are information, qualities, properties of content - of a Show.

They can include information such as:

  • Current distributing Network/Platform

  • Home Market (Country/Market of Origin)

  • Home Language

  • Airing status and period (years)

  • IMDb Rating

  • Synopsis

  • Genres

  • Moods

  • Original Platform

Aside from providing richer information about a Show some Genes can and are used in analysis allowing a user to more easily find Shows, group Shows, or gain insight into the comparative performance of Shows with the same or contrasting Genes.

Parrot curates the accuracy of Genes constantly by seeking consensus between our sources. Occasionally this may lead to inconsistencies with any single data source.

Several Genes are so important that they achieve a quasi-entity status. Platforms, Original Platforms, and Genres can have a much greater presence in DEMAND360 via dedicated pages and/or Pre-Set Portfolios which allows easier discovery or most importantly richer analysis and insight.

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