What are Original and Licensed Slates?

One of the Genes available in DEMAND360 Enterprise is 'Original Platform' which indicates whether a Show is an Original of a the Platform stated.

The 'Original' label, as used by the entertainment industry has a complex and inconsistent use. As it is can be used as a concept of exclusive availability, potential responsibility for production, out-right IP ownership, and has a time-centric contemporary element as Shows can migrate between Platforms while still airing from season to season, and potentially can even differ from one Market to another.

Parrot naturally does not mediate a consistent application of Original but does attempt to curate its application in the Parrot Catalog to be the most contemporary application as can be determine via a consensus amongst our data sources.

Content on a Platform that is not Original is considered Licensed Content - basically a catch-all term for content that is licensed for availability on the Platform (in the market) as another party 'owns' the content. Like Original, Parrot seeks to curate the Licensed-Content Gene using consensus from data sources based. Licensed Content has the additional complexity of being Market-centric information - an enrichment in the Gene that Parrot also seeks to curate.

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