What are Pre-Set Portfolios?
An introduction to Pre-Set Portfolios in DEMAND360 Enterprise
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Pre-Set Portfolios are portfolios that are created and curated by Parrot. They are criteria driven and therefore are dynamically populated at the time they are accessed or consumed.

Currently Parrot maintains the following Pre-Set Portfolios

A portfolio for each Platform i.e. Netflix

  • Available as only licensed slate content within a Market (Netflix licensed content in the United States)

  • Available as the original slate content (Netflix original Content)

  • Available as the entire slate - licensed and original) within a Market (Netflix content in the United States)

A portfolio for each Genre i.e. Drama

A portfolio for each Genre as a sub-set of a Platform i.e. Netflix-Dramas.

(These Platform-Genre combinations are also achievable as a Genre-Platform selection but result in the same set of Shows

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