There are two types of Pre-Set Portfolio that are the result of combining two portfolios - when the combination is an intersection the two sets of criteria that define the two portfolios. The resulting Portfolio is therefore populated based upon the Shows within having both genes.

These Portfolios: Platform-Genre and Genre-Platform techincally result in the collection of Shows if their Platform and Genre are the same irregardless of the order expressed. This may seem a duplication of value but it facilitates richer yet simpler methods of achieving the content you desire.

As a user you will select these portfolios via the Content Selector during analysis but it is also available in the Manage section so that you can review Pre-Set Portfolios or build Custom Portfolios.

1-to-1 combinations

1-to-1 combinations are where you select a single Platform and a single Genre (remember you can do this in any order). The Content Selector enables you to select multiple 1-to-1 portfolios without the all the selections overlapping producing a very narrow selection.


The Pre-set Portfolio "Netflix-Drama" is the intersection of the Pre-Set Portfolio "Netflix" (being all the Shows that are on Netflix - see Pre-Set Portfolios, Platforms, and Original Platform for more information) and the Pre-Set Portfolio "Drama" (being all the Shows that are Drama - see Genre for more information). The results is a Portfolio where the Shows within must be both Netflix Shows AND Drama Shows.

The Content Selector knowing you are selecting pairs of Platform-Genre or Genre-Platform will allow you to add the other combinations of "Hulu-Drama", "HBO Max-Drama", and "Apple TV+-Drama" without all these criteria overlapping.

1-to-Many Combinations

With the ability in the Content Selector to Hand-pick or Select All you have the ability to easily select Pre-Set Portfolios (and therefore the Shows within) that are 1-to-Many combinations of Platforms and Genres.


From the example above you acheived "Netflix-Drama", "Hulu-Drama", "HBO Max-Drama", and "Apple TV+-Drama" using a 1-to-1 method of selecting first the Platform and then Genre for each Platform despite there only being one Genre being used. This is not that cumbersome but with Platform-Genre and Genre-Platform combinations it can be less since it is irrelevant which direction you approach the selection process.

Therefore you can instead select "Drama" and within that select the Platforms without changing menu options. The Content Selector will again understand you are seeking pairs of Genre-Platform and grab distinct Pre-Set Portfolios based on your selection.

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