DEMAND360 Enterprise was built to provide self-serve access to content demand data and analytics on a global scale. In order to access this information and gather actionable insights, you must understand how to use the "Analyze" section of the product.

Analyze modules allow you to do comparisons between shows, portfolios, platforms, and markets, ultimately providing the "meat" of analysis.

All comparisons in DEMAND360 require you to make these decisions:

  • "What" do you want to compare?

  • "Where" do you want to compare?

  • "When" do you want to compare?

The first question can be answered by simply making a selection in the pop up window upon clicking any of the Analyze module options:

For the purposes of this article, we will compare Shows.

Upon clicking Shows, you will see the main Compare hub. The default view will present the top 10 shows in the United States over the last 30 days in a Time-Series line chart.

In order to customize your analysis, you must make some selections in regards to the content you want to compare, the market(s) to focus on, the time range for analysis, and the preferred visualization.

Let's start with shows. There are a few ways to make your selection.

The first is by clicking "All shows". You can either select all titles or deselect "all" and make individual selections by title.

You can also select shows by portfolio. You can either select shows by platform or genres or you can make a custom portfolio.

The second way to select shows is by using content Filters. For an in-depth explanation of each filter, please read this article.

In this example, we selected Genres and checked Action and Adventure. You can see each individual title in the Action and Adventure genres is listed in the far right column.

Now that we've made our content selection, we will click NEXT to move to the market selection.

You have several options to select from including individual countries as well as "Woldwide" for a global analysis.

You can also select various regions such as the Americas, Central Europe, LATAM, MENA, Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, etc.

Once you've made your content and market selection, click NEXT to select the time range.

There are many pre-set time ranges to select or you can create a custom time range.

Once you've finished making your selections, click APPLY.

The output shows you the global demand for Action and Adventure titles over the last 30 days.

The left column shows you the ranking of shows based on their average demand in the selected market (or in this case, globally) over the last 30 days.

The chart shows the daily demand changes that occur over the selected time period.

Content, Market, and Time selections are possible in all of the Analyze modules including Time-Series, Demand Distribution, Cross-Compare, Worldview, Market Share and Time-Shift.

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