You can keep tabs on who is winning the streaming wars by measuring market share in DEMAND360.

“Parrot Analytics has developed a metric to rate not only the number of viewers for given shows, but their likelihood of attracting subscribers to a streaming service.” - Read the story in The New York Times (4/20/2021)

With more and more entrants into the streaming space, it is becoming increasingly difficult to track the performance of each platform or service.

Parrot Anayltics offers a solution for measuring market share within DEMAND360 that allows users to compare the market share of a show or platform over any time range.

Understanding market share can only be done with an understanding of the shifting global demand for original programming over time.

The Market Share module in DEMAND360 offers this capability to Enterprise customers.

You can access the Market Share module in two locations:

  1. In the Compare module - click "Market Share"

  2. On the left sidebar navigation- click "Market Share"

Once you access the Market Share module, you can select the platforms you want to compare as well as the time range.

Hovering over the stacked area chart will reveal the percentage market share each platform or show has over time.

You can also download market share data with one click.

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