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What makes Talent Demand different from other talent tracking tools?
What makes Talent Demand different from other talent tracking tools?

Learn what differentiates Parrot Analytics' Talent Demand from other talent measurement tools

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Parrot Analytics has created a new way to measure demand of talent that utilizes an empirical approach to capture billions of data points from real audience activity relating to individuals.

The ability to benchmark talent against the market average as well as other talent provides a new way to evaluate individuals, enabling smarter decision making.

Here's a brief look at the differences between the older way of measuring talent and the Parrot way:

The Old Way:

  • Outdated panel-based methodology

  • Sample sizes in millions

  • No country-specific insights

  • No global insights

  • Lack of clarity on changes over time

  • Governed by media companies

The Parrot Way:

  • Empirical approach captures actual audience interactions with talent

  • Billions of data points updated every day in real time

  • Over 10,000+ talent across dozens of professions

  • Country-specific AND global insights for every talent

  • Time-series options to track demand over time

  • Accessible dashboard with beautiful graphics

  • Relevant metrics that work alongside content demand

  • Independent database not governed by media companies

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