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What is theatricality?
What is theatricality?

Understand Release Types in Movie Demand

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Theatricality refers to a movie's release strategy and determines whether a movie will bring audiences to the theater.

A movie with high theatricality is likely to be a blockbuster across all windows of distribution. A low theatricality score suggests the movie should skip the theaters and go straight to an alternative distribution like streaming.

With Movie Demand, you analyse theatrical releases in each market and on a global scale.

Filter by release type to narrow your search results.

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Release Types are defined below:

  • Theatrical - Movies released in theaters.

    • Wide: Movies that have been released in over 600 theaters.

    • Limited: Movies that have been released in less than 600 theaters.

  • Home Entertainment - Movies that have not been released in theaters.

    • Streaming: Movies that skipped theaters and were launched directly on streaming platforms.

  • Day-and-Date - Movies released in theaters and also on streaming platforms within six days of each other.

    • Wide and Streaming: Movies that were released in more than 600 theaters and also on one or more streaming platforms.

    • Limited and Streaming: Movies that were released in less than 600 theaters and also on one or more streaming platforms.

A movie can be monetized through all stages of its life cycle, from theatrical to digital releases, home ent and streaming.

While most post-theatrical window revenue estimates are historically derived from the success at the box office, these past models have blind spots of audience movie consumption behavior throughout the windows. Movies that underperform in theaters can still overperform in other windows.

Demand is a single metric to measure performance over time and can be used as the foundation of models used to forecast revenue and inform strategies for each window.

Free Guy, the 2021 American action comedy film, experiences four major peaks in demand, each for the start of each release window: Theatrical, Digital, Home Ent, Streaming. Each release window will experience a different increase and decay of demand. The demand benchmarks based on each release type can be applied towards revenue forecasting to drive windowing, programming and release strategies, with the ultimate goal of a film’s producers and distributors being to maximize the total cumulative demand achieved.

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