You can now see the gender breakdown behind demand for TV shows, movies, and talent in DEMAND360 using the Audience Insights add-on.

Two gender segments are provided; male and female. We use self-reported gender to attribute the gender split for all titles and individuals.

Understanding gender preferences offers deeper insight into larger trends and audience insights, making strategic decision-making easier for marketing, programming, acquisition, and strategy teams tasks with targeting a specific demographic.

In this example, we see the audience behind demand for Game of Thrones is fairly even; overall gender distribution for this title is 51.9% Male, 48.1% Female.

Game of Thrones Audience Insights

The audience for Outlander skews much more female; overall gender distribution for this title is 27.1% Male, 72.9% Female.

Outlander Audience Insights

You can find gender insights in the Leaderboard pages for TV, movies, and talent, as well as the individual show or movie profile pages.

To explore deeper insights around gender preferences for genres, catalogs, or concepts, reach out to our Enterprise insights team for custom research:

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