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Generational definitions in Audience Demographics
Generational definitions in Audience Demographics

Learn how we define generational cohorts in Audience Demographics

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You can see the generational breakdown behind demand for TV shows, movies, and talent in DEMAND360 using the Audience Demographics add-on.

The audience demographic breakdown is based on our proprietary model that encompasses data from 75 million users’ social profiles including the profile photo, screen name and bio.

Understanding generational preferences offers deeper insight into larger trends and audience insights, making strategic decision-making easier for marketing, programming, acquisition, and strategy teams tasks with targeting a specific demographic.

Generations are defined by the following age ranges:

Generational breakdown Audience Insights

You can find generational breakdowns for every TV show, movie, and talent by viewing the Leaderboard for each entity.

Here you can see which generation is driving demand for the top five TV shows:

Demand for Game of Thrones is being driven mostly by Zennials while Gen Z is contributing the majority of demand for Stranger Things.

On individual show, movie, or talent pages, you can see the generational breakdown of a specific entity.

For example, demand for Harry Styles is being heavily driven by Gen Z:

To explore deeper insights around generational preferences for genres, catalogs, or concepts, reach out to our Enterprise insights team for custom research:

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