We have updated DEMAND360 with a more intuitive navigation so you can access everything you need more quickly.

We'll go through each of the changes in more detail below.

A more intuitive side navigation

The menu items in the side navigation are ordered and grouped more intuitively.

New Overview page

Quickly find all your favourite pages in one place. Navigate to the Leaderboard and Analyze modules from this page. The "Discover" page has been renamed to "Trending" and can be accessed on the new Overview page as well.

Carry over filters when switching between analyses

Switching chart types during your analysis is now easier! Filters are carried over as you move between tabs.

Customise your view

Change and save the order of Analyze tabs to have quick access to your most used modules.

Updated DEMAND360 header

We've made the search bar at the top of DEMAND360 easier to access.

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