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The Scatter Plot visualizes the demand distribution of titles or movies to easily compare across platforms, genres or other portfolios.

Explore the following questions:

  • How well is each platform capturing audience attention?

  • What does the content landscape look like across different genres?

  • How well are different portfolios performing compared to each other?


Let's look a few different settings to understand the visualization power of the Scatter Plot.

You can select from three different portfolio types:

  • Platforms

  • Genres

  • Custom

You can select the platforms you want to analyze individually. You also have the ability to select only their original slate, licensed slates or full catalog.

For this example, we select the original slates for the top 7 platforms.

You can also select the market you want to focus on. In this example, we select the Americas Region.

Finally, you can select the time period you're interested in. In this example, we select Q1 2022.

The Scatter Plot chart instantly visualizes the content landscape, highlighting how each of the platforms are performing.

You can further refine your analysis by using the Gene filters. For example, you can look at titles that skew >60% Female.

Note: The Audience Demographics add-on module has to be enabled for this analysis.

💡Tip: To really hone in your analysis, try using custom portfolios. Custom portfolios allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to which sets of shows or movies you want to analyze. Learn how in this quick video.

In the example below, we use the custom portfolios Amazon Superhero, Netflix Superhero, Disney Superhero and HBO MAX Superhero to get a zoomed in view of how each platform is performing across superhero titles.

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