The Demand Distribution chart visualizes the demand for one or multiple titles or talent in the context of the market average. You can use this visualization for TV shows, movies, talent, genres or any portfolio.

Explore the following questions:

  • How does a title compare to competitor titles and the market average?

  • How do titles within a catalog compare to each other?

  • What are the most exceptional original titles within a specific genre on a specific platform?


Let's say we want to see the most in demand movies globally that were released in 2022.

First, navigate to the Demand Distribution Analyze module in the side menu.

Under Movie Content select all movies.

For this analysis, we want to look at demand globally so under Markets we select Worldwide.

We want to look at the demand expressed during the year 2022 so we select Year 2022 in the Time section.

We only want to analyze movies that have been released in 2022 so in the Gene Filter section, we select the custom Release Date range 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2022.

This analysis gives you a quick visual overview of the most in demand movies released in 2022 and their average demand, e.g. The Batman was 77.64x more in demand than the average movie worldwide in 2022.

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