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The Worldview chart visualizes global demand using our Demand Distribution scale. You can use this chart for TV shows, movies, talent, platforms, genres and any other portfolio type.

Explore the following questions:

  • How has a global marketing campaign impacted demand in different regions and markets?

  • What markets have high audience demand and present opportunities for licensing and distribution deals?

  • What are the global audience preferences for different genres?


You can select individual titles or portfolios for your analysis. For this example, we want to look at titles in the Action or Adventure genre.

Note: You have the flexibility to select titles that are both Action and Adventure by selecting AND from the dropdown, or select titles who are in either genre by selecting OR.

We keep the Worldwide Market setting and select the Year 2022 as the time period we want to analyze.

In this example, you can see the list of Action or Adventure shows and their respective average demand in each market.

You can click on each title on the left individually to view their respective demand for each market.

If you want to see the average demand of the whole portfolio, in this case the genre, you can select Group as opposed to Individual TV Show in the filter drop down.

This will show you the global demand for the genre portfolio as opposed to the individual titles.

You can further refine your analysis with Gene Filters. For example, we can select titles with Argentina as the origin country.

This will show Action or Adventure titles from Argentina, allowing you to understand how each title is performing outside of its home market globally. This analysis is great to identify licensing and distribution opportunities.

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