The Time Shift analysis helps you explore demand trends over time in relation to specific events such as season, episode or movie release dates.

Explore the following questions:

  • How have marketing campaigns impacted demand between sequels and spin-off premieres?

  • How have marketing campaigns impacted demand around events like show premieres, season renewal announcements or finales?

  • What is the best release and windowing strategy for a TV show or movie?


Let's analyze the demand around Season 3 of the show Stranger Things. You can select the title, market and any events in the Time Shift Analyze module.

Select Stranger Things, Worldwide and Season 3 in the pre-populated Seasons category.

Additionally, you can add custom events to see how marketing campaigns or other events have impacted demand. For this example, we have added custom event dates for the Official and Final Trailer releases.

The Time Shift chart now shows the demand for Stranger Things over time, shifted across the three different dates. You can see that one day after the Season 3 release date demand increased by 29.52%, after the Final Trailer date demand increased by 49.72% and after the Official Trailer date demand increased by 10.67%.

You can also adjust the view by sliding the scale at the top which will expand the timeline to give you a broader picture of the demand shift.

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