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How do I request a show, movie or talent?
How do I request a show, movie or talent?

Find out how to get a show, movie or talent added to DEMAND360

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If you can't find a show, movie or talent you're looking for, you can simply request it by clicking the Request button.

This will open a form for you to complete.

Once your request is submitted, you can track it in the My Requests tab under My Account.

You will receive an email once the title or person has been added.

Parrot Analytics utilizes a stringent validation process such that unless a data stream has been verified to be 100% attributed to a title, the TV/Movie title or Talent will not be included. If we encounter an ambiguous data stream, we prefer to err on the side of caution and not include it. While our manual verification steps take a significant amount of time, these ensure that our demand measurement is the most accurate in the world.

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