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Creating Custom Content Portfolios with the Talent (Cast) Filter
Creating Custom Content Portfolios with the Talent (Cast) Filter
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Create a portfolio of content using the Talent (Cast) Filter to quickly group a set of titles associated with a specific talent or talent grouping.

Explore the following questions:

  • How does a talent's new movie perform benchmarked to the average performance of their previous movies?

  • To evaluate different casting options, what is the content portfolio performance of different actor pairings?

  • How do the content portfolios of different directors compare to each other?

Step 1: Create a Custom Portfolio

You can create portfolios in two different ways

  • In the Portfolios section - create and manage custom portfolios directly from the Content Portfolio page.

  • On the fly on selected analysis pages - currently you can create portfolios on the fly on the Comparator and Demand Share page by clicking on Custom Portfolio > New Content Portfolio.

Step 2: Add a single or multi-talent filter

In this example, let's select all titles that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have acted in.

  • Select Talent (Cast), under Add Filter

  • Type the name of the talent you want to select

  • Select the Profession you're interested in - in this case Actor

  • Repeat for additional talent

Step 3: Refine by genre or other genes before saving

You can further refine the selection of titles by adding additional filters.

In this example, we are adding the Genre Filter Comedy because we only want to analyze Comedy titles.

Step 4: Use the portfolio in an analysis

You can now use the portfolio in the Comparator analysis plotting it against other talents, titles or additional custom portfolios.

For example, you can create another portfolio for Jennifer Lawrence Only Comedy titles and see that the portfolio of all her comedy titles has a higher average demand than the portfolio of titles of both her and Bradley Cooper.

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