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Grouping TV shows using Collections

Monitor TV show performance by platform, market, genre and more.

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DEMAND360 measures tens of thousands of TV shows from all over the world. DEMAND360 Lite allows you to view these TV shows as specific groups which we call Collections.

Collections are displayed using a ranking system based on the TV shows' DemandRank

You can find different collections throughout DEMAND360 Lite. On the home page, you can see lots of collections such as Top Shows and Shows Heating Up which reveal the top 10 shows in each category.

If you go to the Shows module, you can access more Collections.

These Collections group TV shows by:

  • Platform

  • Home Market

  • Genre

You can also Explore Collections which shows you the top 20 shows in each collection. As always, you can toggle the market and time period to adjust the rankings in the collection.

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