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See more than top 10s with the TV leaderboard
See more than top 10s with the TV leaderboard

The leaderboard view in the Shows page provides an infinite ranking of TV shows.

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DEMAND360 Lite provides rankings of TV shows based on demand for content from all over the world. You will find collections of shows based on platform, market, or genre on the home page.

But what if you want to track beyond the top 10 or 20 shows in a particular category?

Enter the leaderboard.

This feature showcases every single TV show tracked by Parrot Analytics in a ranked list. You can scroll down the page to see thousands of TV shows based on their worldwide or market-specific demand.

Sort the list by:

  • Rank

  • Average demand

  • Change in Rank

  • Year

You can also filter by bookmarked shows only. In this example, we are looking at a list of shows from Spain.

You can see which TV shows rank higher and which shows fall into the "Exceptional" category vs the "Good" category in the demand distribution curve.

Go back to the banner view by clicking this icon:

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