What are Genres?

An introduction to the Genre Gene within DEMAND360 Enterprise

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Genres are a simple but complex consideration in the Gene space. This complexity is primarily because of the difficulty in deciding which genre a Show or Movie belongs to as there is no industry authority that maintains a coherent and agreed upon genre catalog/dictionary let along the consistent application of such a mythical catalog. This means we are left with the inconsistent application generated by basically all facets of the industry - i.e. creators, producers, distributors, views, etc.

There are also differences in how to even express Genres - such as having Main or Primary genres with sub-genres or the use of Genres as a flat but overlapping schema.

Currently Parrot Analytics uses Genre Tags within DEMAND360 Enterprise as this approach we believe reduces the amount of limitations on analysis due to subjective labelling. It allows the widest consumption and avoids a limited dictionary. Future development is likely to introduce a hierarchical schema that operate in parallel to the Genre Tags.

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