Portfolios are collections or groups of Shows.

There are two types of Portfolios:

  • Pre-Set Portfolios which are Parrot generated and curated as collections of Shows based upon the Shows having the same Gene i.e. a portfolio based around all shows within having the 'Drama' Genre Tag

  • Custom Portfolios which are created by yourself and other users in your account

Portfolios have two primary uses:

  • The easy discovery of Shows due to their presence in a Portfolio - Pre-Set or Custom which allows you to find them via their properties.

  • The ability of DEMAND360 Enterprise to generate Comparative Demand for a Portfolio based upon its contents which therefore facilitates the powerful ability to compare the performance of Genes to each other as well as Gene to Show

Using Portfolios as entities

When Portfolios are used in analysis they have Comparative Demand generated for them just as it exists for Shows.

The total Demand Expressions per capita for all Shows within the Portfolio is divided by the number of Shows within the Portfolio. The Benchmark is then divided by that value to achieve the Comparative Demand for that Portfolio.

This results in the Portfolio being comparable based upon the average performance of its contents. Which means it can be compared to Shows and other Portfolios (based on any criteria) and it inherits all the benefits that Comparative Demand facilitates.

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