What are Custom Portfolios?

How to create custom portfolios

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Custom Portfolios are Portfolios created by yourself or your peers within your company account. Custom Portfolios can be private to yourself or shared with your peers, or shared with you.

Custom Portfolios allow you to add a static list of titles/talent to a portfolio and are created by either selecting individual titles/talent or using Gene Filters to select the titles/talent that you're interested in.


To start, select the type of portfolio you want to create from the side navigation - TV, Movie or Talent - in this example, we choose TV Portfolios.

Next - click on NEW PORTFOLIO.

Next, you can give your portfolio a name by typing in the title space in the top left corner.

You can search and select individual titles to create a portfolio if you already have a list of shows.

Another option is to use Gene Filters to narrow down your selection.

In this example, let's look at shows with the Action and Dystopian genre tag that are not tagged as Horror. You can achieve this selection in the Genre section by selecting the genres you're interested in and using the OR / AND toggle to select shows that are tagged with either or both genres. In this case we are selecting titles that are both Action and Dystopian. You can also use the EXCLUDE selector if you want to exclude shows with a specific tag - in this case Horror.

Once you click APPLY, you will see the shows that fit the selection criteria. You can tick Select All to include these titles in your portfolio.

You also have the option to share the portfolio with other team members in your account.

Then select SAVE and your custom portfolio will be available to you across all Analyze modules.

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