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What are OTT Demand Shares?

Learn about the analysis powering OTT Demand Share charts

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OTT Demand Shares analyses are a way to compare the total audience appeal of the complete catalog that are available on OTT platforms. It includes both original and licensed series. This is a way to get a complete view of the relative audience attention paid to OTT platforms in a market, based on the actual consumer perspective of the series each service offers.

This analysis is often tuned for SVOD or AVOD/FAST specific views, where other types of OTT platform are excluded. While demand shares across all types of OTT is possible, it is typically more useful to focus on only subscription-based or only ad-based services as this is a ‘like-to-like’ comparison.

The example below shows a SVOD-focused OTT Demand Shares analysis for the United States.

To uncover these shares, we take all the series available on an OTT platform. This includes platform originals, series licensed exclusively to that platform and series licensed to that platform which are also available on other platforms. The total demand for all of the series on this OTT platform is then compared to the total demand for the other OTT platforms in the analysis to calculate the demand share

Non-Exclusively Licensed Series and OTT Demand Shares

In the case where a licensed title is available on multiple OTT platforms, all platforms that have the title available get equal credit for that title’s demand.

For example, in July 2021 The Handmaid’s Tale, What We Do In The Shadows and Brooklyn Nine-Nine were all available to view for US subscribers of the Hulu SVOD platform.

Of these series:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale is a Hulu Original series.

  • What We Do In The Shadows is a FX Original licensed to Hulu

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a NBC Original licensed to both Hulu and Peacock

All three series count as part of the Hulu catalog and will contribute demand to Hulu’s OTT Demand Share.

For both The Handmaid’s Tale and What We Do In The Shadows, Hulu is the only US SVOD platform these titles can be viewed on. However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is also available in the US on the Peacock SVOD platform. Demand for Brooklyn Nine-Nine is therefore assigned equally towards both the Peacock and Hulu OTT Demand Shares.

Minimum analysis period

As platforms can and do add and remove titles at any time, OTT Demand Shares have a minimum analysis period of one month. Additionally, as the exact series available each month varies by market even for global OTT platforms, OTT Demand Shares analysis is generally only performed for individual markets and not for regional or global markets.

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