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Talent profile pages are your one-stop shop for end-to-end talent research - from in-depth metadata like bio, age and profession to content portfolios and box office information. From comprehensive demand performance across markets to audience demographic breakdowns - you'll find everything you'd ever need to research a talent.

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Finding Talent

You can access a Talent Profile page in multiple ways, e.g. through clicking "Talent Details" on the Leaderboard or on Talent Carousels on the Homepage.

The fastest way to get to a Talent Profile is via Global Search. Let's take Tom Cruise's profile page as an example.


At the top of the Talent Profile page you can see the following metadata:

  • Name and AKAs

  • Professions

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Country of Birth

  • Bio

Demand Insights

To understand how the talent is performing globally and across markets, you can assess their demand rankings and demand multipliers.

Worldwide Demand Rank

Demand Distribution with Peak and Average Demand

Peak Domestic and Global Ranks

Top Markets by Average or Peak Demand and respective in-market Ranks

Daily Demand across markets

Content Portfolio

You also see the latest TV shows and movies a talent is associated with directly from their profile page:

  • Quickly see the latest TV shows & movies a talent is associated with.

  • Analyse the performance of a talent’s content portfolio (shows & movies) in any market and time-period.

  • Analyse the portfolio by All Professions, including by Actor, Self or Behind The Camera.

  • View and filter shows and movies on Time-Series or Demand Distribution charts.

  • Analyse a talent’s full body of work using Timeline & Demand so you can understand trends and relevancy.

Box Office Information

You will find Box Office Information on Talent Profiles for actors as well as directors, producers and writers (behind the camera).

Specifically, you can:

  • View a list of movies the talent has directed, produced, written or acted in

  • Filter the list by all All Professions, Actor, Self or Behind the Camera

  • View the role if the profession is actor

  • View the Domestic, International and Worldwide Box Office information from The Numbers.

Audience Demographics

If you are subscribed to the Audience Demographics add-on module, you will also see a demographic breakdown of the talent's audience.

📖 Learn more about Audience Demographics.

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