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The Demand Share chart illustrates the content landscape on a macro level by showing how audience demand is distributed between platforms, genres or portfolios.

Explore the following questions:

  • What is the demand share by platform for digital originals?

  • How is a platform's content distributed across genres?

  • Which content types drive more demand for a platform - movies or TV shows?

  • How is a platform's content distributed across scripted vs unscripted content?

  • How much audience demand does my platform capture compared to competitive platforms?

Understanding Demand Shares

The OTT industry is a complex arena filled with competitors pursuing different strategies in a bid to win the attention of audiences. The Netflix strategy is to compete using a mix of original and licensed content, while Apple TV+ is concentrating on original series. Some services hyper-target a specific niche like documentaries or horror, others prefer to fight on all fronts simultaneously.

Parrot Analytics has developed several analyses designed to show how platforms are performing relative to each other using different metrics.

How to use Demand Share in DEMAND360

Use the following pages for the most common demand share analyzes:

Use these pages to analyze platform demand share.

Use this page to analyze genre demand share or custom portfolio demand share.

See how to quickly switch between pages:

Select Content - TV Shows and Movies: Full, Original and Licensed Slates

You can choose to analyze TV shows and/or movies. If you select TV shows only, you can further choose between analyzing the full catalog, original or licensed slates.

Select Platforms & Markets

When you select your market of interest, the platforms available in that market will be shown with the most popular streaming services selected.

You can also toggle on the multiple markets selection to analyse more than one market.

Filters & Selection Summary

To refine your analysis select one or multiple genres, specify an audience demographic and/or add various other filters. Click on the selection summary for a quick overview of all filters, markets and the time period you have applied.

Presentation Mode

Quickly select presentation mode for any chart - ideal for taking screenshots and adding the chart to your presentation.

Adjust the Visualization

The demand share analysis is available in three different visualizations:

Stacked Bar Chart

πŸ‘‰ Best for comparing share between markets (or periods), e.g. platform demand share between Germany, France and UK, year to date.

Pie Chart

πŸ‘‰ Best for a more focused view of an aggregated period for a single market, e.g. platform demand share in Australia, year to date.

Area Chart

πŸ‘‰ Best for visualizing trends and changes over time, e.g. platform demand share in Mexico across 2022.

See how to quickly switch between visualizations:

Analysis Examples

With TV Shows > Demand Share, you can analyze the demand share of platforms (e.g. SVOD, AVOD, FAST, Linear, or specific competitors) across markets. Additionally, you can refine your analysis by original or licensed slates. Let's look at a specific example.

Question: What was the platform demand share for original TV Shows across SVOD platforms in the US, year to date?

Step by step analysis:

  • Select TV Shows Only

  • Select Original Slates

  • Select market as AVAILS IN US

  • Toggle on "Show Other" to include all platforms available in your selected market

  • Select relevant SVOD platforms to be included in your analysis*

*currently you can flexibly select platforms based on your specific requirements. A platform classification selector that allows for quick selection of SVOD, Linear etc. will be made available in an upcoming product release.

With TV Portfolios > Demand Share, you can analyze the demand share of portfolios such as genres.

Question: What was the genre demand share of Netflix Originals in the US in 2022?

Step by step analysis:

  • Select US market

  • Select Year 2022

  • Select genres of interest*

  • Select Netflix as Original Network

  • Select relevant visualization & aggregation period

*to understand more about our genre system read this article

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a show or movie is available on multiple platforms?

Titles licensed to more than one platform are attributed equally to each platform, i.e. 100% of demand is attributed to each platform.

Does the DEMAND360 demand share analysis match the Global Demand Report I've seen from Parrot Analytics?

The Global Demand Report includes SVOD platforms which currently have to be manually selected in DEMAND360. This classification will be made available in an upcoming product release.

An insignificant discrepancy arises due to the platform availability data. DEMAND360 references the most recent platform catalog data whereas the Global Demand Report references the platform catalog data in the corresponding time period.

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