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Overview of Demand Shares

Learn about the different types of Demand Shares released by Parrot Analytics

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The OTT industry is a complex arena filled with competitors pursuing different strategies in a bid to win the attention of audiences. The Netflix strategy is to compete using a mix of original and licensed content, while Apple TV+ is concentrating exclusively on original series. Some services hyper-target a specific niche like documentaries or horror, others prefer to fight on all fronts simultaneously. Even the way that audience attention is transformed into revenue differs, with some opting for a pure SVOD model, others AVOD/FAST and yet others a hybrid approach.

Parrot Analytics has developed several analyses designed to show how platforms are performing relative to each other using different metrics.

Digital Original Demand Shares

OTT only, Original Series only

Original content is an extremely important part of many streamer’s strategies. Original series are used to showcase the streamer’s ‘brand’ to audiences. As they are (typically) fully owned and controlled by a platform, they also serve an important function as exclusives that drive subscriptions/views. This analysis looks at series from OTT platforms only and compares the total demand for all original series from each streamer.

OTT Demand Shares

OTT only, Original and Licensed series

While originals are important, not all platforms rely on original content to attract audience attention. This analysis looks at the total demand of the full series catalog of OTT platforms, both licensed and originals, to reveal which OTT platforms are most appealing to audiences based on everything they could watch.

This analysis is often tuned to provide SVOD or AVOD/FAST specific views.

OTT Demand Shares By Series Type

OTT only, Original and Licensed series

As mentioned, OTTs are pursuing different content strategies. This analysis is a deeper dive into OTT demand shares that compares platforms on their demand broken down by the types of series in their catalogs: Originals, Licensed (exclusive) and Licensed (non-exclusive).

As with OTT Demand Shares, this analysis is often tuned to provide SVOD or AVOD/FAST specific views.

Originals Demand Shares

All platforms, Original Series only

A wider analysis that looks at original series from all sources – broadcast networks, cable, satellite, OTT and even websites – to see which content sources are capturing the most interest.

Corporate Demand Shares

All platforms, all series

Finally, we can look at the market in the broadest view possible. This analysis is a consolidation of the Originals Demand Share, where platforms are combined based on their corporate parent to show where audience attention is ultimately going.

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