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What are OTT Demand Shares By Series Type?
What are OTT Demand Shares By Series Type?

Learn about the analysis powering OTT Demand Share By Series Type charts

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The OTT Demand Share By Series Type analysis is an extension of our OTT Demand Shares analysis. Please read the article on that first.

OTT Demand Shares analyses look at all series available on OTT platforms, including original series and licensed series. While looking at the totality is useful, additional insights can be gained by breaking down the demand for an OTT platform by the type of content available. The major categories of content type are Original Series, Exclusively Licensed Series and Non-exclusively Licensed Series.

The example below shows a SVOD-focused OTT Demand Shares By Series Type analysis for the United States.

For this analysis:

  • Original Series are defined as in the Originals Demand Shares article.

  • A Licensed Series is a series that originates from a different platform, which has been licensed to appear on this platform in this market.

Within Licensed Series:

  • Exclusively Licensed means the title does not appear in the catalogs of any other platforms in the market segment being analyzed.

  • Non-exclusively Licensed means that the title appears on one or more other platforms in the analysis.

Please refer to the article on OTT Demand Shares for detailed definitions of these terms.

As exclusivity is determined on a per-market basis, this analysis is generally only performed for individual markets and not for regional or global markets.

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