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The Comparator Analysis helps you explore demand trends across TV shows, movies, talent and custom portfolios to uncover correlations.

Explore the following questions:

  • Which TV shows or movies are driving the most demand for a franchise?

  • How is a talent's demand during a movie premiere impacting demand for previous shows they have starred in?

  • How is a TV show or movie premiere impacting the demand of its cast members?

Understanding Comparator

With the Comparator analysis you can overlay the time series charts of TV show, movie, talent and custom portfolio demand to uncover correlations, synergies and demand trends between content and talent.

Time series charts are a popular type of analysis because demand typically fluctuates based on events like season premieres, campaign trailers and season finales.

Note: TV & Movie Demand are directly comparable, e.g. TV & Movie Demand can be summed to identify the total demand of a catalog and the share of demand.

Talent demand is not directly comparable to TV & Movie Demand because of the differences in methodology behind capturing the demand for content versus an individual.

Nevertheless, with Comparator analysis you can quickly identify trends and correlations between content and talent despite the differences in methodology.

Example 1: How are TV shows and movies driving demand for a franchise?

Because TV & Movie Demand are comparable, you can analyse various shows and movies of a particular franchise to understand which titles drive more demand. This analysis can also highlight if a new release impacts the demand of previous releases.

For example, you can compare the worldwide demand of the TV shows Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2020) and Marvel's Daredevil (2018) with the movies Captain Marvel (2019) and The Marvels (upcoming 2023).

You can see that both TV shows drive more demand than the more recent movie Captain Marvel.

The pattern of the pre-release demand of The Marvels shows that marketing campaigns, e.g. the teaser trailer drop on 12. April 2023, also drove an increase in demand for the Captain Marvel movie.

Tip 💡 Add a custom portfolio like Marvel Franchise that shows the average demand of all Marvel shows as a benchmark.

Example 2: How is a talent's demand during a movie premiere impacting demand for pervious shows?

The Comparator analysis uncovers how the performance and popularity of a movie might be driven by the demand for one of its stars and vice versa. Another common pattern that can be observed is an increase in demand of older shows or movies that the talent has starred in.

For example, you can see that Cillian Murphy's demand during and leading up to the Oppenheimer premiere was also driving an increase in demand for his previous show Peaky Blinders.

Example 3: How is a TV show or movie premiere impacting the demand of its cast members?

If a TV show or movie is popular it typically also increases the popularity of its cast members, particularly if they have been less popular prior to the premiere.

For example, during the Season 2 premiere of Euphoria, the demand of its cast members increases and declines in line with the show's demand.

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